The Reverse of the Summit is an endless runner game I originally made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 48 game jam. I designed and programmed the game, as well as making all the art, sound, and music.
    I built the player controller using a finite state machine, and used some rendering tricks to make a fake 3D z-axis. The levels were randomly generated to keep the gameplay endless and let me focus on programming, instead of being bogged down in level design.
    After the jam, I received some feedback and suggestions from players, and I decided to continue working on a further release of the game. 
    The first new feature after the jam was an online leaderboard. Another developer in the jam recommended the website Dreamlo, which is a free leaderboard service designed for Unity games. However, this game was made in GameMaker, so I had to figure out my own implementation. I read up on the Unity implementation of the service and used the GameMaker documentation to add the leaderboard to my game. This was one of the first times I've done any online functionality in my games, so I was proud of figuring it out myself.
    Players also wanted something to do with the money they gathered. Originally, money was just another factor for your score, but many players wanted a shop to use the money at. I added a store to buy different outfits for your character. I restructured the save/load system to save data for the player's money and skins they owned. I was sure to leave the system open so more skins could easily be added later, if I want to.

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