- Bullet hell boss rush game made in 24 hours in a team of 3
- Winner of the Columbia College Chicago Spring Break Game Jam 2022
- I programmed the game and made most of the sound effects
    I was working in a team of 3 people, and this game jam was the first time we met. It was good experience to work in a team and have to make creative decisions together. I am very proud of the work my team was able to create under such a strict time limit.

Bullet Patterns System:
    I looked online at examples of bullet pattern generators, and used their documentation to reverse-engineer my own bullet pattern generator from scratch. 
     Each pattern class has about a dozen customizable properties, to allow for many different pattern variations without writing brand new code.
    I used my new bullet pattern generators and knowledge of finite state machines to program the five different bosses in the game.

Code snippet of one of the boss states. On the first frame of this state, it creates a "follow" bullet pattern instance and sets its many customizable properties.

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